Why Should You Buy Our CD?

Lots of people just download music these days.  So why invest in a space-occupying (though compact) chunk of plastic and paper?  Here are some reasons to buy a Suffering Fools CD.

  1. It's the only object we have to sell right now.  So if you want an object, this is it.
  2. Every CD you buy helps feed the hungry!  (Well, actually we're not at the moment, but we get that way sometimes.)
  3. If you buy four of our CD's, you'll have a stylish set of coasters.
  4. If you're drinking alone, you can use the other three CD's to throw at people when they disturb you.  (Disclaimer:  We are not saying you should.)
  5. There's cool artwork inside.
  6. Maybe someday we'll autograph it, if you want an object autographed.  (See #1 regarding objects.)
  7. Did we mention the cool artwork?
  8. Okay, we're running out of reasons.  Do there have to be ten?
  9. Oh, all right, just download it if you want to.  But the CD looks really cool, and if you get the CD you can add the download for just 2 bucks so you don't have to wait to hear it.

Speaking of Biscuits

Suffering Fools: Speaking of Biscuits (Digital Download) $7.99

Suffering Fools: Speaking of Biscuits (Audio CD) $9.99

Suffering Fools: Speaking of Biscuits (CD + Digital Download) $11.99